Bun Legs - Model "B"

The Bun Leg has an outside diameter of 125 mm (5 ")
There are two screw holes for fastening
The screws can also be ordered: Code S-1045

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    B-5500,       55 mm (2 1/4 "),      ABS,      Enlarge picture

To gain more height it is possible to press the Plastic Leg G-1155 into an existing hole on the bottom of the Bun Leg (after the bun leg is screwed to the furniture!)
Also there is a better Gliding on the floor
If you cover the Bun Leg with fabric or leather you have to use the additional glide to avoid damage to the floor by the staples

    B-5500 + G-1155,       66 mm (2 5/8 "),      ABS & HDPE,      Enlarge picture